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Up On Breakneck Ridge

Imagine hiking to the top of a mountain ridge, full moon above, cool summer air moving through the trees. Ahead in a clearing you notice a camp fire and hear music rising into the night with the flames. As you move closer you see musicians around the fire picking and howling as if it were their last night on Earth. They notice your approach and motion for you to join them. You have a seat next to the fire as the music plays on; it is like nothing you have ever heard before, yet it sounds so familiar. The voices of Jack Johnson and Janis Joplin, Bill Withers and Bob Marley, Ralph Stanley and the Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters and Marvin Gaye, Dylan and Django, the songs move through you as you ponder the constellations, the road you have traveled, and the journeys ahead. After each song ends everyone pauses to laugh, hearts full, with only the question of “what comes next?” left to ponder. In that moment, one of the players turns to you, smiles, and asks, “Well friend, what would you like to hear?”